Amusing: Newsmax host outraged by fake Fox poll that favors DeSantis over Trump (video)

An indignant Newsmax host calls out Fox "News" for trading Donald Trump in for Ron DeSantis in a 3-minute segment that surveyed Republican voters (see video below).

"Here, Fox selectively edited in the DeSantis choosers, and edited out — get this! — all the Trump voters. Odd, isn't it?" the GQP mouthpiece cried after running part of the cherrypicked Fox clip, which shows 100% of "random" people on the street preferring DeSantis over Trump.

In reality it's not the Fox propaganda that's the problem for the Newsmax propagandist. His real gripe — on behalf of his MAGA viewers — is that Fox is simply moving on from the washed up former one-term president to Florida's newer, shinier Trump 2.0.

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