Mississippi police chief fired after alleged tape of him boasting about killing 13 people: "I shot that n***** 119 times"

Sam Dobbins, chief of police in Lexington, Mississippi, is accused of being the cop caught on tape boasting of killing 13 people and using racial and homophobic slurs to justify himself. "I shot that n***** 119 times, OK?" the man on the recording says. "I don't give a f— if you kill a motherf—er in cold blood."

Dobbins did not admit to being the man on the recording, reports MCIR, but he was fired yesterday in a 3-2 vote of Lexington's Board of Alderman.

"I chased this motherf—er across the field. I got him. He was DRT [dead right there] in the field. The vehicle was shot 319 times, but he was hit 119 times by me." He said he was cleared at the sheriff's office, where he worked at the time, and received his gun back before he ever sat back down. When the subject arises of him talking to someone, he responded with homophobic slurs, "I don't talk to f—ing queers, I don't talk to f—ing fa——s." He talked of an officer who was perpetually late. "I can be a motherf—er," he said. "I really can." Then he told the officer, "I can only pay you 32 hours a week. You can work all you want to." He talked of inheriting his tough ways from the one who trained him.If a suspect "got out of line, I didn't open the door," the officer said. "I smashed the mother—er through the window. It would get your attention real quick." The bad guys, he said, "think it's a game." Dobbins was appointed by the Lexington Board of Alderman last July. On the tape, the officer can be heard saying, "I work for the board, so when I want something, I want it right then."

Note that this is Lexington, Mississippi (population 1,700). I imagine it's been a long day or two for the black police chief of Lexington, Kentucky (population 320,000).

Here's another copy of the recording.