Gentleman fights with cops after hurling tables and chairs in cafe for over 3 minutes

Who knows how long this 46-year-old Polish gentleman had been throwing chairs, potted plants, and tables over a fence before another cafe customer began filming him? The burly chap appeared proud to demonstrate his strength and hurling skills as he strutted around the patio, selecting unoccupied furniture to launch over the fence. When the police came, he wasn't finished playing and threw a temper tantrum. Eventually, the police dogpiled him, ending his fun.

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From chojnice24:

 The aggressor did not respond to the policemen's orders. The uniform immediately overpowered the man. As they found out, the man shouted at the customers of the premises and outsiders. He called out random men to a fight, smashed beer glasses and threw furniture in the direction of passing people. The man, despite the fact that he was overwhelmed, struggled, insulted the policemen, directed threats to kill them. The officers detained the 46-year-old, who will most likely hear charges of insulting and making criminal threats against the intervening officers.