Self-amused fast-food CEO taunts employees with the lottery rather than meaningfully improving their lives

The CEO of Raising Cane's spent $100k on lottery tickets for his employees, citing inflation and other economic woes, rather than the low hourly wages that make fast-food CEOs wealthy or give them $100k to piss away on lottery tickets. If any of the tickets hits Raising Cane's will split the winnings across all 50,000 of these employees. Cane's CEO also committed to repeatedly pissing away $100k on tickets until they get a symbolic win, rather than just getting wages over $15/hr.

He seems to enjoy his answers, however.


"Times are tough out there," Raising Cane's CEO AJ Kumaran told CNN. "(Employees are) seeing it at their gas stations and gas pumps, they're seeing it on their grocery shelves … Things aren't exactly easy these days, so when we saw there is a chance to not only have a little fun, but maybe win a little bit extra money for our people, we wanted to do it."

If any of the 50,000 tickets produce a winner, Kumaran said the prize will be distributed across all employees, calling it a "collective ticket for everybody."

If Tuesday's draw doesn't produce a winner, Kumaran said the chain plans on playing again.

"If there is no winner, we're going to buy until there is a winner," he said.