Sir Mix-a-Lot might have the greatest Funko Pop

Funko Pops are well on their way to becoming the undisputed champion of the collectible world. You don't need to search too long on YouTube to find throngs of obsessive collectors with walls of Funko Pop figures from every conceivable fandom. Whether it's characters from movies, comics, wrestling, and general pop culture, you can bet there's already a Funko Pop that celebrates it. And if, on the off chance, there isn't a Funko of your favorite character already, the capitalistic masterminds behind the toy brand are actively working to secure the rights as we speak. 

Throughout the years, Funko has produced a few duds, but more times than not, their figures are both adorable and accurate to the character. However, the Funko Pop honoring Hip hop legend Sir-Mix-A-Lot might be my favorite Funko in existence. As with all Funkos, the likeness is amazing, but the piece's genius comes from the figure's stand. They actually duplicated the giant set of "buns" Mix-A-Lot stands on in the video for his famous one-hit wonder Baby Got Back