Chuck Tingle to go mainstream with new books published by Tor / Nightfire

World's greatest author Chuck Tingle has made the leap to the "Big Five," according to a recent release in Publishers Marketplace:

Here's the full official description of Camp Damascus, straight from the Tor website:

Camp Damascus is a queer deconstruction of the demonic possession subgenre. It's about the power of the historical institutions who shape us, and the terrifying things we discover when these traditions and stories begin to unravel. Ultimately, however, Camp Damascus is about the power of curiosity, and the strength of love. Kelly Lonesome and the whole Tor Nightfire team are the perfect fit for helping Chuck on this journey, overflowing with kindness and sincerity, and allowing Chuck all the creative space I could ever hope for. I can't wait for readers to trot along with us and continue proving love is real.

In other words: it sounds like a perfectly tingler horror novel!

Camp Damascus is out next summer. To celebrate the well-deserved news, Tingle has written a new Tingler titled Not Pounded By The Physical Manifestation Of Chuck Tingle's Traditional Publishing Deal Because He Writes About More Than Just Pounding However If This Book Was About Pounding That Would Be Okay Too Because There's Nothing Wrong With Sexuality In Art, which you can read for free via Patreon.

Congrats on the big deal, Chuck! Now the rest of the world might finally learn what all true buckaroos already know: that love is real.

Nightfire Proves Love is Real With Chuck Tingle's Horror Novel, Camp Damascus []