Watch the making of Daft Punk's "Around The World" music video

Exactly one year after disbanding, Daft Punk released the 25th anniversary remastered edition of their Homework album on February 2, 2022, accompanied by an ongoing series of videos focusing on various aspects of each song.

Watching the making of video for Around The World, showcasing the work Michel Gondry and his team put into creating such an iconic video; and seeing the dancers moving in what felt like slow motion, it dawned on me that I hadn't realized the final music video was sped up in post production. In the video below, Michel Gondry speaks about granular details behind the origin and production.

I opted to use dance because the band had said they liked the idea. All the dancing I usually see in videos exasperates me. I regarded it as a challenge to come up with something I liked. So I began the choreography using the idea of representing each instrument by a group of dancers, capturing as closely as possible their characteristics. So the bassists are athletes, the rhythm boxes are mummies, guitars are skeletons, vocoders are robots, and synthesizers are disco girls.