New video series takes a hard look at the pathetic influencers of the manosphere

YouTuber CC Suarez, who exposes scammers and sleazeballs on her channel, has just launched a new video series called "Manosphere Mondays."

Here's how CC introduces the series:

The interwebs has a bunch of different layers as well, the worst of which is probably the manosphere. Now this is a dark, sad, very sticky I presume, place filled with loud, unintelligent men that will always be yelling at you for no reason. You can guarantee that 90% of the time they'll be yelling at you, 90% of the time, every time. You'll be accosted by silk shirts that they refuse to button more than halfway, horrible advice, misogynistic rants, daddy issues, mommy issues, gaslighting, projection, a very fixed stench of refusal to have any type of rational conversation, depreciating assets, fast cars, bottomless cigars, and of course, what every man needs to really show that they're a man guns. Now in this series, we're going to be covering the many manfluencers of the manosphere we're going to be reacting to roasting, debunking a lot of their content and my favorite of all, inevitably pissing off a lot of their followers.