Watching these horse-hoof-trimming videos is surprisingly relaxing

Meet Brett Maupin. He's a farrier-turned-social-media star whose videos on TikTok have gone viral. What's a farrier? According to the Farrier's Registration Council:

A farrier is a skilled craftsperson with a sound knowledge of both theory and practice of the craft, capable of shoeing all types of equine feet, whether normal or defective, of making shoes to suit all types of work and working conditions, and of devising corrective measures to compensate for faulty limb action. Farriery is hard physical work and is practiced on animals, some of which may be fractious. Shoes may be made from metal and from other modern materials such as plastics and resins.

Here's Brett explaining how to become a farrier. And here's a video of Brett cleaning a horse hoof—he removes the old shoe, then trims the hoof (it's kind of like trimming a huge nail), shaves down the hoof, clears out the inside, and sands the whole thing down. Watching his hoof trimming videos is surprisingly relaxing. Enjoy this peek into the world of farriery!