Man buys ad to trade up old stick of cheese, but now that offers are rolling in he can't decide

A Toronto man is trying to cash in on the ol' trading-up trend, popularized in 2006 when a man successfully started with a bobby pin and traded it up to a house. But the 48-year-old, whose start item is a packaged stick of string cheese he found in the fridge of a house he moved into, is having separation anxiety now that the offers are rolling in.

After getting no bites for his cheesy offering after he first advertised it on a Canadian website, Angel Domingo went all out, plastering a tongue-in-cheek "FOR TRADE" ad on a billboard. "Accepting ads for one Cheesestring. Marble flavour. Still in original packaging. No lowballs. I know what I have."

Surprisingly, the offers suddenly came "in droves" — some more serious than others.

From HuffPost:

Domingo admitted the string cheese is the "strangest thing" he's ever had to offer, but the billboard, which went live earlier this week, has caused offers to appear in "droves," according to Global News.

Some of the offers have included Persian cats, someone's girlfriend and a unique box of Lucky Charms cereal, he told Narcity. …

Domingo wouldn't tell the Canadian news outlets how much he paid for the billboard but he's still awaiting the right trade.

"I've been telling everybody the same thing when they asked me what I'm looking for. … It's like you'll know when you see it," Domingo said.