Everything is a hustle in Episode 3 of Auralnauts 'Star Wars: Larry'

Everyone's favorite Gen X Jedi, Obi-Wan Ben Larry "Steve" Kenobi, is suffering the after-effects of partying too hard and caring too little, and a hard-working Vader gets an awesome entrance. However, we haven't seen him strut.

Dance fighting remains the issue in Episode 3 of Auralnauts re-mix and edit of Obi-Wan, "Larry."

A significant upgrade in this episode is the dialog for the Zack Braff character. I also love Leia, she's even more badass than in the actual show. Auralnauts reason for Larry's lackluster dance fight performance is also far better than the contrived force disconnected Obi-Wan of Disney.

Get the man some carbs.

Image: screen grab