Video: murder suspect arrested after calling cops about cold McDonald's french fries

According to the Police Activity YouTube channel, a gentleman named Antoine Sims called 911 after getting into an argument over cold McDonald's french fries. When Kennesaw, Georgia police arrived, Sims started to get nervous and took off running. It turns out he was wanted for homicide committed during a drug deal. He was tazed and arrested.

YouTube description:

Sims is charged in the October 2018 killing of Adelisa Muratovic, who was shot during an alleged drug deal. Police believe Muratovic, her boyfriend, Michael Smith, and another man, Deshaun Flournoy, went to an apartment in Johns Creek to buy drugs from Sims. Investigators allege the men may have been planning to rob Sims, and at some point gunfire was exchanged. Muratovic was shot while sitting in the passenger seat of Smith's car, authorities said. Police said Sims then took the car to a Lawrenceville subdivision and set it on fire with her body still inside. It was found in flames around 3:30 the next morning. Sims, along with Smith and Flournoy, were all charged with felony murder. Both Smith and Flournoy turned themselves in about a month later, but Sims was arrested in Wisconsin in March 2019.

The full seven-minute video is here. Reddit has a highlights reel:

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