Alex Jones' bankruptcy shenanigans fail to halt a lawsuit

Alex Jones attempted to move the damages hearings for the defamation charges he has been found guilty of into bankruptcy court, where he questionably put his businesses to avoid paying for what he has done. A Federal judge has seen through this and determined that there is no reason for the Connecticut damages hearing to move into federal court.


Chris Mattei, an attorney for the plaintiffs, praised the bankruptcy judge's decision. "We're grateful the bankruptcy court saw through Alex Jones's brazen effort to block a jury from being empaneled and holding him accountable. We look forward to trial," he said in a written statement. Mattei had previously criticized Jones and his defense team for attempting to transfer the case out of state court at the last minute.

"Just two days before jury selection is due to begin in Connecticut, Mr. Jones has once again fled like a coward to bankruptcy court in a transparent attempt to delay facing the families that he has spent years hurting," the attorney wrote in a tweet at the end of July. "These families have an endless well of patience and remain determined to hold Mr. Jones accountable in a Connecticut court."