Here's a compilation of Disney heroes in their native languages

Disney is prone to take liberties with stories whenever they feel like it. When they aren't undermining decades of meticulous characterization to have formerly serious Marvel characters quip about Beyonce ad-nauseam, Disney will find time to come to your homeland and appropriate the crap of it. There isn't a culture in existence that Disney can't reduce and commodify, with Lin-Manuel Miranda waiting in the wings to produce catchy tunes that spread faster than melted butter. At this point, it'd be easier to ask which cultures haven't received a dose of Disneyfication.

With the advent of digital video, Disney has started to dub their classic films in a litany of languages. Occasionally that means Disney will dub a movie in the language of the characters featured in the film. In the video linked above, the YouTube channel FlamSparks has produced a compilation of iconic Disney heroes- and their villains- speaking in the languages native to their stories.