Here's some crazy footage from the annual World Robot Conference in Beijing

Watching robots evolve has been one of the most bizarre parts of the 21st century. On the one hand, the creativity and innovation their presence symbolizes is a testament to human ingenuity. At the same time, it's hard to dismiss the rampant paranoia around the development of artificial intelligence. Maybe it's me, but whenever I see a new video from Boston Dynamics featuring a quadrupedal robot that can climb stairs, I can't help but think about The Terminator franchise. 

Even though the looming war with machines is still a long time away, knowing your enemy is essential. With reconnaissance in mind, I present to you the video linked above from the annual World's Robot Conference in Beijing. The robots in attendance are legitimately breathtaking, as they're a far cry from automatons like Sophia, the robot girl. There's even footage of a robotic fish that totally destroys my plans of using a super soaker to defeat the machines.