Chipotle hopes you get this joke

Chipotle, perhaps the least hated of several US-based Mexican fast food chains, is making a joke that assumes everyone will know: a) what their water cup looks like, b) that people frequently steal lemonade in free water cups, and c) give a shit.

Chipotle offers a lemonade scented candle in a mock-up of their water cup because this is funny someplace. Seems like a lot of lemonade-scented candles are gonna be stuffed in a warehouse, waiting for the apocalypse to turn them into true currency.

CNN Business:

The burrito chain has released a candle in honor of National Lemonade Day, which fell on Saturday this year, according to a news release. The candle pokes fun at customers' habit of sneaking some free juice by "accidentally" filling a free water cup with lemonade instead.
The cheeky limited-edition soy candle is designed to look exactly like a Chipotle water cup and is lemonade-scented, the release explained.
And a bonus for lemonade lovers: Each candle comes with a promo code you can redeem for free lemonade at your local Chipotle.