This tiny dog is the size of a guinea pig

Meet Pipsqueak, a tiny rescue Yorkie who weighs only 1.8 pounds—about the size of a guinea pig. She lives with her human mom and dad along with their 6 other small rescue dogs, all of whom are seniors or have special needs or behavioral issues. 

GeoBeats Animals recently created this video to tell Pipsqueak's story, and if you have five minutes, it's well worth a watch. The video explains that when her owners first fostered her (the foster quickly became fur-ever), they were told she had only about six months to live, but Pipsqueak has proven this incorrect, as she has now lived with her family for over eight years! 

Pipsqueak is simply adorable, despite the health issues she suffers as a result of bad breeding practices at the puppy mill from which she was rescued. She has a tongue that permanently sticks out, and her bark sounds like a duck quack. She loves pickles, wears clothes designed for guinea pigs, and uses doll furniture because she's so tiny. 

She's also incredibly sweet. She is a therapy dog who works with children with disabilities, and she operates as the "welcome committee" for the other foster dogs her family takes in. She goes over to the new dogs when they arrive, and snuggles them, welcoming them to the pack. 

I'm not gonna lie, I teared up a bit at the end of this video. Pipsqueak's story is inspirational, and her little spirit is infectious. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did. Pip's also got an Instagram if you want to check it out.