The coatimundi is a most adorable long-nosed raccoon-style creature

Watch this adorably snouted creature sniff sniff sniffing around a trash can. That nose! That tail! Those audible sniffing noises! Gah, it's too cute. 

What is it? It's a coatimundi, a most adorable long-nosed raccoon-style creature. Treehugger explains:

Though they look like a combination of a lemur, raccoon, and monkey with possibly a bit of piglet thrown in, coatimundis are officially part of the raccoon family, Procyonidae, along with red pandas and olingos. These furry creatures mainly inhabit parts of South and Central America, but can also be found in Arizona and New Mexico. They hang out in trees and have brown-colored fur and a long snout that helps them forage for insects and fruit. Their ringed tails give off more raccoon-ish vibes, but there are plenty of distinctive characteristics that set coatimundis, also called coatis, apart from their black-and-white cousins.

If you need more coatimundi content, go check out this video, it features "Zed" the coatimundi, who lives with his family and their pet dog. His family describes him like this: 

Zed is a fun-loving 12-week-old White-Nosed Coati who loves to travel and enjoy life. From learning tricks, going for runs on his harness, travelling to educational events, to digging in the beach sand… I have compiled many of Zed's favourite activities into this collection of clips. This little dude LOVES adventure! I hope you enjoy his crazy antics. 

And here's another video featuring a bunch of coati cuties in the wild. Enjoy!