Watch hedgehog smile like a Ferengi getting an ear massage

Watching this cute hedgehog beaming from an ear massage pulls up grainy memories from vintage Star Trek episodes, of watching Ferengi getting Oo-mox performed.

Oo-mox was the act of massaging a Ferengi's ears (or "lobes"); there was no translation for the word. Because the Ferengi ear was a major erogenous zone, massaging the ears caused extreme pleasure and relaxation. (TNG: "M√©nage √† Troi")

Oo-mox, though pleasurable, could also have dangers. It could be very distracting for a Ferengi and may often be employed by females or males of other species in order to distract a Ferengi during negotiations or to coerce him into an action he would otherwise avoid. (DS9: "Facets") Such was the case in an early, unofficial encounter in 2151, when T'Pol performed oo-mox on Krem only to incapacitate him with a Vulcan nerve pinch. (ENT: "Acquisition")

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