Faber-Castell 1.8mm mechanical Exam Pencil

As one of those who writes exclusively in draftsman style block letters, I've long been on the look out for the boldest mechanical pencil, to make my chicken scratch look like that chicken meant something bold. I finally ended my search while visiting China, where I found this Faber-Castell mechanical "Exam Pencil", rocking a No. 2 1.8mm lead made for filling in Scantron type bubble exam slips.

Picture: Andrew Yi

The lead sizes pictured above range from: 1.8mm (top), 0.7mm (middle), 0.5mm (bottom). After wielding a mechanical pencil with the equivalent line width of a Fine Point Sharpie marker with the gentlest of touch, the search for bold has ended for me because years ago, the only seller had a minimum order quantity that essentially forced me to buy a lifetime supply of pencils, lead and erasers.