Scary Meter ranks horror movies

The Scary Meter is a website where people can rank movies on their creepiness, gore level, and how much "jumpiness" they induce. All of these three categories factor into the film's overall rating on the scary meter.

"Have you ever wondered just how scary a movie is? Or what's the scariest movie of all time? If so, you've come to the right place! Movies here are ranked based on how Scary, Creepy, Gory and Jumpy they are, compiled from user ratings. Rate for as many movies as you'd like."

The movie with the highest scary ranking is Sinister. The site has categories to browse such as scariest, creepiest, goriest, most rated, least scary, and more. As a horror fan, I like this site as a way of discovering films I haven't seen. It's also fun to see the consensus on what the most hair-raising films are.