Happy Birthday, Freddie Mercury

People throw the phrase "one in a million" around too liberally. Granted, with billions of people on the planet, the maxim isn't statistically absurd when referring to talented or uncommon individuals. However, the people the phrase usually intends to praise are probably closer to being in "one in a Wal-Mart" at best. Through overuse, it's possible for a saying to lose its potency entirely. If everyone and their mother can qualify to be "one in a million," what will we say when unfathomable talents like Freddie Mercury make a pit stop in reality? 

It's been decades since his untimely death, but it seems like Freddie Mercury's star has hardly dwindled in its luminance. Aside from the recent biopic based on his life in Bohemian Rhapsody, Mercury's songs and fashion have become such permanent fixtures in pop culture that it's virtually impossible for the Queen frontman ever truly to disappear. A wise man once said that people only die when they're forgotten. If that's true, let's take some time to remember Mercury on what would have been his 76th birthday.