Watch comedian Sean Millea steal 1½ Beeples

There's a line in Altered Carbon where Rodrigo Bautista fills in some backstory on Elias Ryker over drinks in the Hendrix:

"Ryker." The cop jetted smoke out of his nostrils and sat back. "Was working with the Sleeve Theft boys until a couple of years ago. They're quite a sophisticated bunch compared to us. It ain't so easy to steal a whole sleeve intact, and that breeds a smarter class of criminal.

Altered Carbon | Richard K. Morgan

Sophisticated is what Sean Millea managed to pull off over the course of 2 well planned, out of the box, and equally well documented modern art heists pulled on Mike "Beeple" Winkleman:

In the art world, narrative like this typically equals value, like for instance, Banksy's "Girl With Balloon" which sold for $1.4 Mill in 2018 right before partially self-destructing, and subsequently earning the new title "Love Is In The Bin", which would sell for $25.4 Mil in 2021.