Supermarket turns down checkout beep sound, and other strange marks of respect for Queen Elizabeth II

UK supermarket Morrisons has turned down the volume of the beeping sound that's heard when ringing up purchases at the checkout as a mark of respect for Queen Elizabeth II. This follows them turning off the radio in stores which apparently then made the beeping much more noticeable. This wasn't the only unusual way that the Queen's death is being recognized. From The Standard:

Cyclists were left bemused as a council closed bicycle racks in Norwich city centre as part of the period of national mourning for Queen Elizabeth II[…]

The council said the decision was made to stop cyclists using the rack outside Norwich City Hall as it was the dedicated spot for mourners to leave flowers[…]

And one more:

In a bizarre moment on Friday, the Met Office announced it "will only be posting daily forecasts and warnings" during the time of national mourning, causing some to fear there would be no weather forecasts for the coming week.