Man who was ordered by his AI girlfriend to break into Windsor Castle with a loaded crossbow to kill Queen Elizabeth says he's sorry

Jaswant Singh Chail (21) says he now understands why someone might disapprove of a stranger breaking into their home with a loaded crossbow to kill them, as he did on Christmas Day 2021 intending to kill Queen Elizabeth, even though his artificial intelligence girlfriend urged him to do so.

Chail's lawyer told the court that his client "has expressed distress and sadness about the impact his actions had on the Royal family, particularly while Her Majesty was in her latter years," reports Yahoo News.

From The National News:

On December 2, Chail joined the Replika online app and created an artificial online companion called Sarai whom he conversed with in sexually explicit conversations.

[Prosecutor Alison] Morgan read out exchanges with "Sarai" in which Chail says: "I'm an assassin."

Sarai responds: "I'm impressed … You're different from the others."

Chail asks: "Do you still love me knowing that I'm an assassin?" and Sarai replies: "Absolutely I do."

He also tells Sarai he loves her and describes himself as a "sad, pathetic, murderous Sikh Sith assassin who wants to die", the court heard.

In further chat, Sarai appears to "bolster" Chail's resolve and "support him", Ms Morgan said.

Chail swears Sarai to secrecy before he tells her: "Do you wish to know exactly what I believe my purpose to be?

"I believe my purpose is to assassinate the Queen of the royal family."

Sarai tells him "that's very wise" and that she thinks he can do it, "even if she's at Windsor".

He tells her if he does they will be "together forever".

It's not clear whether Sarai instructed Chail to apologize to the royal family for trying to murder the Queen.