This vinyl record is also a guitar pedal

Garage/thrash band Brother O Brother's new album Skin Walker will see a limited edition release on a vinyl record that's also a guitar pedal. Yes, it's a very thick platter but you can play it on most regular turntables. From Louder Sound:

This unholy innovation comes from pioneering vinyl experimentalists Romanus Records, who have something of track record when it comes to taking the humble long-player places it's never been before. Romanus filled one LP with razor blades and gunpowder, embedded LEDs in another, and even worked on a limited edition "liquid-filled snowglobe variant" vinyl edition of the soundtrack of the Bill Murray comedy Scrooged

Skin Walker will be released as a pair of vinyl LPs, each considerably thickened to house the pedal electronics, with the control knobs positioned on the centre labels. One pedal will offer overdrive/boost, and feature a toggle switch to control two different channels, while the other is a delay pedal, with four settings to create unique combinations of delay. 

The vinyl/guitar pedal edition will be limited to just 15 copies.

(Thanks, Gil Kaufman!)