Faustino Barrientos has lived alone in the wilderness for over 40 years

Faustino Barrientos has lived alone in the wilderness for over 40 years. He's now in his 80's and still lives off his land without any help. He has very few modern amenities and lives 25 miles away from the nearest small town. The thought of living in total isolation is scary to many of us, but Barrientos wants to live like this for the rest of his life. This 4 part documentary was incredible and humbling to watch. 

From YouTube:

"Since 1965, Faustino Barrientos has lived alone on the shores lake O'Higgins' in a house built from the remains of a shipwrecked fishing vessel. He's a pastoralist, living mostly off the land and his livestock, with few modern amenities. His nearest neighbors are in Villa O'Higgins, a small community of several hundred people, 25 miles away, accessible only by a two-day horseback ride through rugged mountain animal paths. Every few years, Faustino makes this ride to sell his cattle in town.

Currently 81 years old, Faustino is reaching the end of his life, and his self-imposed isolation is being encroached upon by the forces of government, economy, and tourism. In December 2011, VICE went to document his lifestyle and speak with him about the changing face of Patagonia and the gaucho lifestyle.

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