Happy birthday, Stephen King

Although most modern consumers tend to correlate horror to movies, the genre's contributions to the world of literature are equally impressive. From genius minds like Edgar Allen Poe to H.P. Lovecraft, horror is replete with extraordinarily talented authors. When compiling the greatest writers in the genre, one would be remiss to leave Stephen King's name off the list. However, despite being known for several best-selling horror novels, King has also lent his kinetic ability to craft narrative to a host of other genres. Hell, King even found a way to wrangle all of his stories into one maxi-story thanks to his brilliant Dark Tower series. Simply put, King is the reigning and defending champion of fiction. 

Since today is King's 75th birthday, I thought it would be cool to take a peek at how the proverbial sausage gets made. In the video linked above, King provides us with some of his greatest bits of advice for crafting a top-notch yarn.

Thumbnail Photo: Stephanie Lawton (CC BY 2.0)