Cop who helped Derek Chauvin kill George Floyd gets 3 year sentence, drops f-bomb

Thomas Lane, the Minneapolis cop who held George Floyd's legs while Derek Chauvin choked him to death with his knee, was sentenced to three years imprisonment Wednesday on state charges of manslaughter. The conviction follows an earlier federal charge for which he is already serving a 2-year sentence. Chauvin was convicted in Floyd's murder and civil rights violations in two trials earlier this year and sentenced to 22 and 20 years on those charges.

At one point, Cahill said Lane must "register as a predatory offender if required by law." Once the WebEx sentencing hearing had ended, Lane could be heard asking his attorney Earl Gray, "I have to register as a predatory offender, what the f**k is that?"

"That's what Chauvin has to do," Lane said, referring to former officer Derek Chauvin, who was convicted of murder in Floyd's death. "If I had a minimal role, why the f**k do I have to do that?" Lane asked Gray over WebEx.

Not feeling much remorse here.