Make your own techno and acid beats with this fun and free online clone of the legendary TR-909 drum machine

Musician and programmer Matthew Cieplak, aka Extralife, created the ER-99, a delightful browser-based clone of the legendary Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer. First produced in 1983, the 909 led to the birth of deep house, acid, and techno musical genres. From Cieplak's ER-99 page:

ER-99 is a web-based instrument 🎛️ based on a famous Japanese drum machine from the 1980s. It was built to celebrate 9/09 day 2022 🎉!

All of the drums are synthesized using the WebAudio API. The hi-hats, crash, and ride cymbals are produced from sampled audio.

The complete source code is available on Github.