Best schwag ever: Allee Willis Cut-Out Paper Doll Book

To me, the sign of a good party is the combination of food, fun, and friends. The sign of a great party is all of that plus killer schwag. You can keep your terrible trinkets; party prizes should surprise and delight.

Last week I made it down to L.A. for Night of Wonders, the big benefit bash in honor of the late, great Allee Willis. Her partner, Prudence Fenton, produced the party and sent partygoers home with parting gifts to remember, including a stunning retro-style paper doll cut-out book honoring Allee's "kitsch couture."

Just look at this thing—SWOON!

Kudos to Hillary Carlip and the team behind this!
Willis Wonderland Foundation FTW!

All of my photos from the party, including ones of the specially-branded cans of water and the Allee face mask, can be found on Flickr.

Party coverage on Variety: Lily Tomlin and RuPaul Celebrate Allee Willis, Who Wrote 'Friends' Theme Song, at Willis Wonderland Benefit

photos by Rusty Blazenhoff