Moon Zappa looks back on "Valley Girl" 40 years later

In this fascinating conversation between Yahoo! Entertainment's Lyndsey Parker and Moon Zappa, Moon reveals story of how Frank Zappa's only Top 40 hit, 1982's "Valley Girl," came about and the impact it had on her life. We get a pretty vivid, disarmingly personal glimpse inside the Zappa family, the chaos, the lack of Frank (who was on the road 8 months of the year), and Moon having to act as a second mother for her younger siblings.

"Valley Girl" actually came about when a 13-year-old Moon, missing her dad, sent him a memo saying that they should work together and that his people should talk to her people. It was meant as a joke but he took it seriously and came up with the idea for the track.

Moon used to do the valley girl accent to make him laugh and so he created a song around that "bit." He woke her up at 2am in the morning on a school night and had her come downstairs to a sound booth in the house. They improvised a bunch of material and she went back to bed. She never expected anything to come of it. For her, it was just a desire to spend some time with her dad. She was tremendously unprepared for all that followed.