Woman stuck in a washing machine

I find this video of a woman stuck in a washing machine almost impossible to watch—it gives me so much anxiety, because I tend to be a bit claustrophobic at times, and I can only imagine the panic I'd be feeling if I were in a similar situation. The woman in the video is all smiles, though, somehow, and—spoiler alert—eventually, she manages to exit the machine. The first responder looks like he's done this before, and is all business, rightfully getting annoyed with the woman and her friend when they don't seem to be taking the entire situation seriously. 

But even though this incident ended well, PLEASE don't try this at home. When I saw this video posted on Reddit, a firefighter chimed in with a horrifying story about someone who died because they got stuck in a washing machine:

As a firefighter I have actually had a call like this twice, same guy both times. The first time it was funny and everyone joked about it, we just disassembled the washer slightly. The second time he was found dead in there by his brother because he got stuck and no one was there to call 911 for him. He was dead for days before he was found, it was a top loader and he sat in there ass first and got stuck. He must've tried his hardest to get out because he was able to knock the washing machine over and was found with the washing machine on its side with him still stuck in it, and as you can imagine his body was all swelled up after a few days of sitting there and very purple.