Daycare workers charged with child abuse after terrorizing kids

I don't know if you've seen the footage that's been circulating on social media, showing daycare workers in Hamilton, Mississippi donning one of those "Scream" masks and absolutely terrorizing the toddlers in their care. It's horrifying to watch, and even more awful because you can hear the workers in the video laughing as the children bawl and scream in fear. At least one of the workers has claimed that their "intentions were good," but there is no denying that the children in that video were absolutely traumatized. This is the stuff that creates lifelong PTSD and attachment disorders.

Well, the latest news is that the workers have now been charged with felony child abuse. Jon Haworth of ABC News explains:

Five day care workers have been charged with child abuse after a video of them terrifying small children with a scary mask — similar to the one seen in the "Scream" film franchise — went viral.

The incident occurred at Lil' Blessings Child Care and Learning Center in Hamilton, Mississippi — approximately 170 miles northeast of the state's capital city of Jackson — where an undated video of a day care worker wearing a mask can be seen terrorizing children who are screaming and crying and even paralyzed with fear.

I truly hope that the workers have learned a lesson, and that they never do anything like this again. And I also hope that those poor children don't suffer any permanent psychological damage.