Free 3D-Printable miniature files for more than 4000 D&D creatures

Viginia-based Miguel Zavala 3D artist as compiled a massive archive of printable files to make your own miniatures of nearly every creature in the Dungeons & Dragons bestiary. They're pretty awesome:

You can access all of the files for free, but Zavala also has a Patreon full of great perks to help support his efforts. Here's a little more info from him:

As you can see, my collection is vast, now numbering over 4000+ Free Models! My files have been shared for years, but it can be hard to find them all. That's why I now share Google and Mega Drives that has access to ALL MY FILES! This means every stl and blender file for you to go to town on! I also have created over 4000+ presupported for resin files as well!  If you'd like to save some time sign on up! I also have a Discord that all patrons can join to share their works, get tips on printing, share remixed models and more! I post new models daily rather than doing a release dump monthly, and usually make 30 to 50 new models every month!


If you just want to have access to my files the Wyvern tier is for you. I'm making new files every week and am constantly uploading them to my Google and Mega Drives. If you'd like to have access to files that you can use for commercial purposes, the Dragon Tiers are the way to go. With these tiers, along with my Google and Mega Drives with all my files, I also share Commercial Friendly Drives that hold all my Intellectual Property Neutral Models based on the D&D SRD. The Young Dragon Tier is all that's needed for these benefits, but if you're feeling generous in supporting my efforts there is also an Adult Ancient Dragon Tiers.


While not every request can be responded to as quickly as I would like, if you want, you can post a model request here on the Request Board!Any patron can post a request here, and I will try to complete it when I can. However, contest reward winners come first, followed by my personal projects. But whenever I find myself in a lull, I'll tap into this board and make more models for you all :-D 

Even my $1 patrons get some nice perks! One is access to a smaller Google and Mega Drive with 700+ models that are presupported for resin and are commercial ready! This is just a small sample of what I've made but I figured if you're willing to support me you should get some sort of benefit.

The DM Workshop [Miguel Zavala / Shapeways]

mz4250's Free 3D Printable Miniatures for Tabletop Gaming! [Miguel Zavala / Patreon]