French schools are denying Muslim children halal food options

Since 9/11 in America, 7/7 in London, and the Charlie Hebdo mass shooting in France back in 2015, innocent Muslims worldwide endure prejudice and bigotry due to the actions of a violent minority within the faith. Although America and Britain struggle with bias, in France anti-Islamic sentiments prevail at the highest levels of government.

In addition to a ban on niqabs and face coverings introduced in 2010, the French government recently attempted to ban the hijab head scarves that millions of practicing Muslim women wear. The anti-separatism bill, which would prohibit girls under 18 from wearing the hijab in public, was eventually defeated, but the stigma around hijabis still remains. Now it turns out that in an attempt to enforce secularism, certain French schools are refusing to offer lunches that account for Islamic diets.