Restraining order sought against armed right-wing goons intimidating voters in Arizona

Armed goons said to be with a right-wing group interested in "election integrity" are lurking near ballot drop box locations in Arizona. A temporary restraining order was requested Tuesday alleging this amounted to voter intimidation and breaks federal law.

The lawsuit points to three complaints that have been submitted by voters to election officials in the state. The complaints reported individuals photographing the license plates of the voters as they sought to cast ballots via drop boxes, with one complaint alleging that the individuals called the voters a "mule," a reference to a fringe voter fraud conspiracy theory. … "Defendants' organized vigilante groups have already turned away voters. Under any circumstance, Defendants' conduct would be objectively intimidating," the lawsuit states. "But, in the current charged political climate, Defendants' actions carry with them exacerbated threats. There is no guarantee that the crowds that Defendants have mobilized and are continuing to stoke will remain peaceful.

That you can stand near a ballot box dressed up as soldiers, brandishing guns and threatening voters and this is all that will be done about it is wild. Here's some pics of goons released by Maricopa County Elections Department. These guys better cut it out, or Maricopa County Elections Department might have to release some more photographs!