CBS host blasts GOP Congressman who tweeted violent #FirePelosi video days before attack

The horrific home invasion attack on Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband, Paul Pelosi, came just days after deplorable Congressman Tom Emmer (R–MN) tweeted a video showing him firing an automatic rifle with the hashtag #FirePelosi (first video below).

And on his "Face the Nation" appearance this weekend, anchor Margaret Brennan hammered the armed politician for his inciteful dog whistle, asking him, "Wouldn't a pink slip be more fitting if it's about firing her? Why a gun?"

To which he responded with a pointless what-aboutism, saying, "I never heard you or anyone else in the media trying to blame Democrats" after a fan of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–VT) shot Rep. Steve Scalise (R–LA). But the laser-focused Brennan stomped out every MAGA-style defense that the senseless Emmer uttered in a satisfying back and forth that got him nowhere (see second video below).

Violent threats against Democrats by armed Republican politicians are now commonplace in campaign ads — such as those by Michael Flynn, Lauren Boebert, Paul Gosar, AZ Senate candidate Jim Lamon, and OH candidate for Congress JR Majewski — giving "attack ads" a whole new meaning.

Front page thumbnail image: CBS / Face the Nation (screengrab)