Return of the legendary Sound Burger portable record player from the 1980s

First released in 1983 and discontinued decades ago, Audio-Technica's Sound Burger (aka Mister Disc) is a portable record player beloved by many cratediggers for its size and surprisingly decent sound. (See the vintage ad below!) Convenient to carry around to record shops and swaps, Sound Burgers have recently been selling for $500 for a working unit. At long last though, Audio-Technica has reissued the Sound Burger for $200. From Audio-Technica:

The AT-SB2022 Sound Burger offers high-quality sound reproduction with a belt-drive system that plays 33-⅓ and 45 RPM records. Updated with Bluetooth capabilities, this turntable can play your favorite vinyl records wirelessly for up to 12 hours. Enjoy a nostalgic, wired listening experience with the included audio cable.

Designed for both portability and stability, the tonearm employs a dynamic balance system in which stylus pressure is applied through a spring. The turntable also maintains stable rotation thanks to the high-precision DC motor. This unique turntable features a die-cast aluminum alloy platter with damping design and a replaceable ATN3600L stylus (sold separately).