It looks like fun to take sleeper ferry in Japan (video)

A YouTuber who goes by the catchy name "Travel Alone Idea" took a ferry from Kobe to Miyazaki on the southern island of Kyūshū. The 307-mile trip took 14 hours, and they stayed in a dormitory-style room. The ticket cost about $95. Here are some notes they made about the trip.

  • All the facilities were new and clean.
  • The ferry smelled like new construction.
  • I forgot to take a video, but there was a shop, so you can buy anything.
  • The buffet restaurant was good value for money. (About $15)
  • While the ferry was underway, I could see nothing but the horizon outside.
  • I forgot to use the $20 coupon.

The ferry seems like a cruise ship. It has a lovely Japanese-style public bath and a video arcade with claw machines.