Meet the animals of Useless Farm

Check out the animals that live at "Useless Farm." They're a ragtag crew of weirdos living their best lives in Hartington, Ontario, Canada. Amanda, who runs Useless Farm, also runs an enchanting TikTok where she shares the delightful antics of her crew. At Useless Farm, there are "no useful animals," which is just how they like it. 

On the Useless Farm website, we are introduced to some of the useless creatures who call the farm their home. Here are two of my favorites:

Poor Sweet Michael (an alpaca): Literal elevator music playing in his brain 24/7. Consistant hay hanging out the side of his mouth –  he does not know it's there. Poor sweet thing and doesn't have a single thought behind those eyes. Just one lonesome brain cell bouncing around in there like a game of pong. His father, Craig (retired neurosurgeon), is putting him through school to be a professional unicyclist.

Keith the Alpaca: Anxiety personified. The best kisser. When he gets mad at the other animals he will spit, but his aim is terrible and he usually just spits straight up in the air. If he worked in an office, he would microwave his tuna sandwich in the office microwave and not even realize it was frowned upon. Keith suffers from social anxiety and anxiety in general.

And here are some of my favorite TikToks from the Useless Farm. Here's Keith trying his best to kiss you. And here's sweet Michael wandering confused in the rain with a piece of straw hanging out of his mouth. And finally, here's a video of Amanda fending off an Emu appropriately named Karen, who is constantly trying to attack her. Useless, indeed!