The mighty new Tom the Dancing Bug book is here!

Boing Boing's own Ruben Bolling is having the complete run of his Tom the Dancing Bug comic strip collected in a gorgeous multiple-volume book set, by Clover Press. And the latest hilarious installment, Volume 4, Tom the Dancing Bug: All-Mighty Comics, compiling all comics from 2003-2006, is coming out this month.

The volumes are being published in reverse chronological order.  So the first book released was Volume 7, Tom the Dancing Bug: Into the Trumpverse (2016-2019).  Volumes 6 (Tom the Dancing Bug Awakens, 2012-2015) and 5 (Eat the Poor, 2007-2011) followed.

This latest volume, Tom the Dancing Bug: All-Mighty Comics, features Ruben's popular character God-Man, the Omnipotent Superhero, on its cover, and contains some of the strongest comics of Ruben's career, including the very first Lucky Ducky.

And of course God-Man appears throughout, even popping in with a cameo in a Billy Dare, Boy Adventurer, comic.

Even the topical comics tend to have a more timeless quality…

… which, for some topics, is unfortunately always true.

And of course, the volume contains lots of Tom the Dancing Bug silliness.

Ruben's comics have won plenty of awards (The Herblock Prize, the Berryman Award, an RFK Journalism Award, etc.) and he was even twice a Pulitzer Prize Finalist, so you know that the volumes will lend prestige to your bookcase.

And these Tom the Dancing Bug books have attracted endorsements from the likes of Neil Gaiman, Seth Meyers, Mark Hamill, and "Weird Al" Yankovic.

You'll be able to buy All-Mighty Comics in bookstores, and there are various ways to order it (and all the volumes in The Complete Tom the Dancing Bug set) online, including pre-ordering it now on Amazon.  But you can buy your very own personalized/signed/sketched copy AT THIS LINK, and copies are being sent out, in the order of the queue, right now!