How a funny roleplaying game moment ended up becoming part of the Cyberpunk Red RPG

As Seth Skorkowsky warns in the beginning of this video, hearing RPG war stories can be a serious yawnfest and social buzzkill. But the story he tells is genuinely funny. It involves how an unexpected turn in a game of Cyberpunk 2020. He was GMing and his players wanted to call a real estate agency listed on a building. Caught off-guard, Seth blurted out the name of a real Texas firm on the fly (Scott Brown). All hell ended up breaking loose in the resulting melee in the game. The "Scott Brown Incident" became a running joke in the gaming group and beyond.

The "Incident" ended up going so far that R. Talsorian Games, makers of Cyberpunk, made "Scott Brown" a Fixer character in the new edition of the game, Cyberpunk Red.

All of us TTRPGers have war stories (most of which should probably just stay between players), but sometimes, an incident takes on a life of its own. And in this case, ends up becoming canon within the game itself.