Phoenicians respond to Election results

The "sigh" heard around the nation.

Networks across the nation are producing segments today on real estate mogul Katy Hobbs defeating former TV news anchor Keri Lake for Governor of Arizona. There are interviews with pundits, wonks, academics, and other minutia-oriented talking heads.

The response of these two Phoenicians after hearing the news that Lake lost, their body language, the joyousness, the relief, and the relaxation of their soul, can be felt through the screen.

At 4:51, the pink-haired person exclaims "Thank Goodness," tilting her head in relief. The other person's sigh is deep, guttural, vibrating with the joy of reprieve, "Thank God."

Another interviewee commented, "All the votes were counted, and I'm sure "Crazy Lake" will file lawsuits, and we'll go from there."

If you watch the entire report, is it just me, or don't the reporters appear bone-marrow sad? Maybe it's just my internet connection.

Keri Lake responded on Twitter, "Arizonans know BS when they see it."