Texas man accused of slipping abortion drugs in pregnant wife's drinks

A man in Texas is accused of slipping misoprostol into drinks he allegedly served his pregnant wife. Mason Herring, 38, was charged with two felony counts of assault on a pregnant person.

Herring's wife alleges that he began lecturing her in March on the importance of hydration during pregnancy and offered her glasses of water. After drinking from one of the glasses, she noticed the water was cloudy. Herring told her the cloudiness could be from dirty pipes. She started cramping half an hour later and eventually experienced severe bleeding, leading to an emergency room visit. After experiencing these symptoms, she started to believe that her drink had been tampered with an abortion-inducing medication.

She also knew something was up because he started taking the trash out, which was "out of character for the defendant, as he does not do chores around the house." And later…

His wife invited two people over to potentially witness any of his suspicious behavior. During that scheduled visit, Herring tried to give her drink, which his wife and the two people noticed had "an unknown substance" inside. The next week, Herring's wife saw him slip the contents of a small plastic bag into a drink that he later gave to her. She also inspected trash that he had taken out and saw open packs of Cyrux, which contains misoprostol, an ingredient known to induce abortions. She showed law enforcement videos of both instances, according to the affidavit.

An exemplary reminder that this subject is generally about controlling women: the top cause of death for pregnant and post-natal women is being murdered by intimate partners.

The fetus was fine and is now a prematurely-born but healthy baby.