How to plan and execute a truly exciting, character-driven game of D&D

The always-informative Professor Dungeon Master has outdone himself with his D&D mini-campaign, "The Reviled Society." In a three-part video series, he is dramatically breaking down the campaign, how he came to design it, and how it played out on the table.

Like all of his Dungeon Craft videos, there are lots of great DMing ideas here. Just a few examples: Using timer dice to add a sense of urgency for character decision-making. Having each player roll up two characters in case one dies (PDM kicks it old school: characters actually die in his games). Giving players small notebooks in which to record their game info and share insights into the characters (that he collects, reads, and incorporates into the story).

The Reviled Society is very loosely based on the classic TSR module, The Veiled Society, by David Cook. As the good professor points out, modules like this are great for inspiration and picking and choosing elements useful in your game.

Besides the great DM wisdom and cool campaign idea, the production on these videos is some of the best I've seen for this type of content. Great stuff!

Here are the first two videos. Subscribe to the Dungeon Craft channel and ring his bell to be notified of part 3.

[H/t James Kelly, The Tabletop Engineer.]