The ultimate Instagram page for piglet lovers

Attention piglet lovers everywhere. If you love sows, piglets, and piggies, especially their adorable grunts, squeals, and snorts, the "Instaham" handle, pig_lovers_of_insta, will give you oinklings of amusement. My favorite – for this moment – is the "planking pig."

Also, check out these 125 pig puns from BoredPanda "that might make you squeal with joy." The #1 pun is "Chris P Bacon," a perfect name for your hairless, one-neck-vertebrae-missing, floppy-eared, coiled-tailed buddy. Punpedia also has an extensive list of bovine puns that will have you chortling. Memorize them, and you "squeal the show" at your next party.