All the canned fish of your dreams

I recently discovered a subreddit, r/CannedSardines, that is totally devoted to the delicious wonders of canned fish, and I'm so excited to start trying all of the recommendations that users post. I'm a big fan of tiny fish in little cans – I grew up eating canned sardines, oysters, and mussels with my dad. It was our special lunchtime ritual, because my sister and mom hated the things and seemed pretty grossed out by them. But not me, I loved them all! The good folks on r/CannedSardines post photos of their scrumptious finds, and also document all of the delicious ways they prepare them. And don't let the name "Canned Sardines" fool you, the subreddit features all kinds of canned things well beyond sardines, including sweet cured mackerelstuffed squid in ink saucecod liversmoked scallops, and even related book recommendations!