Dr. Oz's failed run for Senate may have nuked his TV career

Remarkable for his snake oil sales and experimenting on dogs, Dr. Mehmet Oz is having difficulty finding a path back to mainstream television. Having run as a hard-line Trumpist with incredibly awful ideas about women's rights, Dr. Oz is so unappealing to more than half the United States of America that his options may only be FOX and Newsmax.

"Unsafe for advertisers" seems a growing problem for the GOP and their cronies.


"No one in the mainstream will touch him," a source told RadarOnline.com. "You can't alienate half of your audience with a political stance and expect to bring in an audience on your return to television," the source added.

We're told that Oz had impressed execs at Fox News and Newsmax but no firm offers materialized. Oz is expected to return in small roles on the right-wing networks.

However, sources said Oz wants his own show back telling us, "He wants a daily gig. But it is not going to happen."

Another source said, "He's beating the bushes to revive his health-oriented talk show and groveling to everyone he knows to give him a break, but he's not making much progress."