Red Cross anti-vax nurse who gave 8,600 elderly patients saline instead of Covid vaccine spared prison

A 39-year-old nurse at a vaccine center in Germany was sentenced to six months probation for administering 8,600 shots of saltwater instead of the BioNTech Pfizer vaccine. She lied to the patients she injected, who were hospital employees, educators, and doctors above the age of 70.

From MSN:

[She] posted several social media posts where she openly emphasized her skeptical views regarding COVID-19 vaccines.

When questioned by police, she admitted to using saline solution but had said she only did it because she had accidentally broken a vial containing six shots and was ashamed to tell her colleagues.

She had also claimed that it was a one-time incident, but was immediately sacked after antibody tests that were carried out on the affected people confirmed authorities' suspicions.